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Valentine's Day

It has been a nice, quiet relaxing weekend here at the homestead. I find myself with more energy than I have had in a long time (which is so surprising considering I had a horrendous week). With all this energy, comes productivity! I cleaned the house which was necessary, and I really like having a clean house. Mess tends to irk me. :)
Productivity also means cooking!
Firstly, some heart shaped cupcakes (gluten-free) for my love:

With special sprinkles of course, full of kisses!
I made the cupcakes from this mold:

The bottoms of the cupcakes are perfect hearts. But the tops kinda ballooned out and made them rounder. They are cute anyways!

This morning, we continued our cooking with some crock-pot vegetarian lasagna with rice noodles.

When the picture was taken, it was halfway done. The house smells so good.

And lastly, because we both loved them so, the Man and I made a second batch of Chebe bread. They exploded and are bigger this time! I also modified the recipe to use some fresh chives. Last time, the dried chives didn't really contribute to the taste and the dill took over. Still yummy, but thought we'd try something different. Look at these beauties!

Oh, how the house smelled wonderful as these were cooking....smelled like melted cheese and dill! :)
And, what a better thing to do then go for a walk outside with your love on Valentine's day?

Yep, we're just goofy like that. I love you, babe! xxx

I hope everyone is having a very nice weekend! xoxo

Catch up!

It's been a little while since I've been able to post. I have some new pictures of the babes...

For once, little Zainab has her eyes open. Hassan looks so huge next to her! :)

Hassan looking at his new blankie from his Auntie Kim...:)

In other news, it's Valentine's day this weekend. The man and I will be making gluten-free heart shaped cupcakes, with "kisses" sprinkles. :) Cheesy, yes, but fun nonetheless! :)
As a token of my affection for the man, I purchased a Willow Tree figurine. The one I offered him is called Promise of Love. I thought it was quite sweet. It looks like this.

I'll post some pictures of the cupcakes sometime this weekend.
May your weekend be filled with lots of love (and cupcakes!).


More warm fuzzies...

I had to post a picture of Hassan smiling too. He usually looks grumpy in pictures!

No sign of the grumpster here!


Makes me melt....

Look at her beautiful little smile....

Little things like this make me happy. :) *heart*


Chicken Pot Pie

This was the first recipe I made from Bette Hagman's Gluten-Free Comfort Food cookbook, given to me for Christmas from a dear friend. I had to modify the recipe a bit as I didn't have all the appropriate flours at the time. I had found some mini pie shells in a natural food store in St. Jean made by El Peto. Using the pie shells, I used the filling recipe from Bette Hagman's book. Now, I didn't have anything for a top crusts, so I made mashed potatoes and used it as my top crust. They turned out super well, as you can see below. I froze a batch and have been thawing them as I go for lunches and dinners. While I was in St. Jean this week, I took the opportunity to buy more shells. Mind you, now that I'm equipped with my flours, I could make the flaky crust that she suggests in her cookbook. We'll see.

They were sooo full of filling. The potato mash was rising!

Top view!

I'll have to work on my photography skills, but now I can at least show off my pies! :)

We had the vegetable quinoa pilaf for dinner, it was delicious and super filling. Definitely a repeat recipe!

Night, folks!

Vegetarian Quinoa Pilaf

I've taken matters into my own hands....! Seeing as I keep eating things that are NOT super healthy for me (ahem, brownies), I needed to make a very healthy dinner to ease my guilty conscience! So after perusing some of my favorite gluten-free blogs, I found a recipe for a quinoa pilaf. Now, quinoa is awesome. It's texture is like a couscous/rice hybrid. It is packed with loads of nutrients, especially protein and fiber, so it's an awesome option for vegetarians who may not be getting enough protein! So, here is my dinner for tonight:

Yummy, pilaf....

Close up!

I decided to cook the quinoa in chicken broth instead of water, which gave it quite a good taste. Mix it up with some basilic, oregano, garlic, fresh chives and lemon juice. Light and delicious! Bon appetit! =)


Just taking a small break from report writing to say that the gluten-free brownie mix that my friend brought me back from the States is absolutely delicious. It's a good thing I got a gym membership, or else I'm pretty sure I'd ending up getting very fat! I'm partially happy that she only brought me back one box! :)

Hope you are all enjoying the pretty, fat, fluffy flakes that are falling today!

A little sweetness for today...

I received this very sweet photo this morning...it made my day!

If you look closely, you can see that Hassan (on the left) has his arm linked with his sister's.  How sweet is that?!

Since my day starting off sweetly, I decided today I am making gluten-free brownies! It's from a mix my bestest bud got me from the States. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

The "Chebe bread", by the way, is absolutely fabulous! 5 stars!


Today, I finally got around to trying out a bread recipe I found on a gluten-free blog that I follow. It's a recipe that the blogger created to make, Pao de quejo aka "Chebe Bread". Now, the picture of the buns had peaked my curiosity and I found out through some research that "Chebe Bread" is a popular cheese bread from Brazil. It took me some time to find all my gluten-free flours (and several stores) but now I'm well equipped. So, today, I decided to make this recipe. It actually only uses one type of flour (tapioca) and the rest are naturally gluten-free items...huzzah! It was super simple to make and it bakes in only 8-10 minutes.
This is the end result:

As you can see, they make fairly decent sized buns. The blogger who posted the recipe said that it is great to make sandwiches with. This thrills me greatly as my current "sandwiches" have been made out of rice cakes. We haven't eaten them yet, but will definitely post about how it turns out. They certainly smell delicious....the whole house smells like cheese!

More baby pictures...

Here are some more pictures of my beautiful niece and nephew....

Little Hassan....

Little princess Zainab....

Sibling love.